How to increse RAM in Android Without Rooting Method-2

                          Well you want to Increase RAM of Android without Root but every pot on the internet reads about Root access being a primary key to gain more RAM over your smartphone an allow it to function more efficiently as RAM is dependent for processing different tasks at same time. Increase ram of Android without Root is a very easy task and does not require of any sort of scripting or coding in the Android SDK tool kit.

                       All over the web they say that we require Root access to increase Android’s RAM, and actually they are right. How can we manipulate our device until you yourself have full access over your android. So to actually increase we need root access. But here we are with a  few Tweaks that help increase free RAM that can actually help us while multitasking and playing games.

Download the Application To increase RAM On Android
                Download the Application (no root required)  to Increase RAM on Android Just By clicking on any of the social Buttons. Remember your free RAm is just a lick away So Download the Application and get the benefit of it ! Download the Task Killer and RAM booster No Root required

Ways to Increase RAMof Android Smartphone without Root access
               We have a few points that will help you increase your Free RAM which will eventually solve your purpose and will allow you to use your android more efficiently. Just read on further to know how to increase RAM of Android without Root. Also if you follow these steps on some Android devices you may not see the free RAM in System settings but you will see boosted RAM experience while using your phone and this thing only you can understand.

Disable Screen Animation and Live Wallpaper
                       This is the first and the very common mistake made by all android users which will never allow you to increase RAM on Android without Root. We know that these Flashy live Wallpapers look good and even amazing but its always a priority kind of thing to choose between a good looking and responsive home screen or on the other hand have a monotonous home screen but a very fluent and lagless approach to your phone. For the best i mean, To increase RAM on Android Without Root you just need to disable any Live wallpaper running on the background or any Animated screen running. Also Read About Some

Install Apps on Need to Use Basis
                     Well this is actually very rude but this is the best tip out there. Install only a few Apps onto your device at a time and that too only the ones which you seriously require. Im not asking you to just do away with applications on your android. Consider this statement in another form. Just download a few Application from the internet rather than the Google Play(.APK format). This will help you to keep the Apps handy . When you need the app, Just browse to the APK file in your MicroSD card and just install it. this will be easy enough for the time when you require the App. Else just get the app un installed and run a fluent android device with increased RAM without Root.

Disable High-Speed Data and Background SyncUse Apps to Free Up the RAM Increase RAM of Android without Root

                            a few of us are aware of the sync feature that is used by many applications to keep our android updated. But if we think deeper then we can assume that each sync has a process which always get a specific amount of RAM allocated for the process to run. so if we stop these background data and sync we will have free RAM that too without root access on our android device
Backup your SMS.
Backup your contacts.
Backup apps installed on your phone too.

Decrease usage of more than 3 Applications at one time to Increase RAM of Android without Root
                                       Last but not the least, always try to keep your home screen clean. Widgets are not a fancy item. They are there to solve a specific purpose. Thus use only what you require and reduce the number of home screen panels that contain icons and widgets. Oslo running many apps at one time is a boggleness of a person . So just keep clearing the Application processes which will help you to Increase RAM of Android without Root.

Use Applications to Increase RAM of Android without Root

            Once you launch an app on Android it remains in the memory until it’s killed. Although some people say that killing applications on Android is not a healthy habit, I believe that killing only the ones that are bloating up the memory is a good thing to do. Increase RAM of Android without Root
NQ Android Booster is one such app that acts as a task killer for your Android and increases the device’s free memory. And I don’t need to tell you the fact that performance is directly proportional to the amount of free RAM on a device.