Root your Android by Kingo Root

                          Kingo Root is a Windows Application that allows you to root any Android Device in a Single Click. Here, we are going to guide you how to use Kingo Root Application to root your Android Device.

Requirements: Your android device should have at-least 20-30 percent battery to perform the rooting process.

                                  1.Kingo root

                                  2.USB driver(for your android click here)

                                  3.Root checker


Step 1: Enable USB Debugging on your Android Smartphone. To enable USB debugging, Open Settings > Developers Option > USB Debugging > Tick 

Step 2Download and install Kingo Root Application and usb driver on your Windows Computer

Step 3: Once Kingo Root Application is installed on your Computer, Open It.

Step 4: Once Kingo Root Application is launched, connect your Android device to the computer

Step 5: Once Your Smartphone is connected successfully to the computer, Kingo Root will automatically detect your Smartphone and install the necessary drivers.

Step 6: Now, Click on the “Root” button to begin the rooting process.

Step 7: Now, Kingo Root will root your Smartphone and install the SuperSU Application

Step 8: Once rooting procedure is completed you will be able to see Finish Button. Click on finish button to reboot your device automatically.

Step 8: Now your Android Device is Rooted. To check whether your phone is rooted correctly, open Applications Menu, there you will be able to see a new app installed, called SuperSU. If this app exist then it means you have successfully rooted your device

Optional: You can also verify that your device is successfully rooted or not by Root Checker Application.

Points to remember:

No data loss process: Your Android Phone Data like contacts, pictures, videos, music and etc will be not affected with this method.

Warranty Void: Your Android Device Warranty may be Void after following the above tutorial.

Credits: Kingo Root Application was created by Kingo (Developer).

If you have tried the above tool to root your Android device the please let us know if it works or not with your Device Model number.

Why Kingo One-click Root is a must-have Android root tool?

1. Kingo One-click Root is free for life. 
                Kingo One-click root is “free of any charges” android root software. And also you will have full access to any updates we provided and get them free of charge as well. That means, as long as our software exists, which equals “as long as android user exists”, you will enjoy this software for absolute free.

2. Kingo One-click Root achieves the Minimalism of user operations. 
                 We are so dedicated to developing this One-click root software so that our users are able to enjoy this rooting activity in the simplest way. The meaning of developing Kingo One-click Root definitely lies in the idea of making Android root as easy and fast as we could.

3. Kingo One-click Root is well-tested and proved universal Android root software. 
                  Rooting is an advance operation that requires extra carefulness. Android root software improperly coded may cause serious problems, sometimes even damageable. Kingo One-click Root is totally safe even when it fails. And that’s the reason why Kingo One-click Root stands out among all android root tools.

4. Kingo One-click Root works with as many Android devices as possible. 
                  Despite the incomplete support list that we provided, Kingo One-click Root actually supports a particular large number of devices of various models from various brands and manufacturers. At this moment, a search engine for support devices is at the design phase.

                  Kingo Android Root is an amazing Android Rooting software that is free to download from CNET or FTP. To have a rooted device is an aspiration for most Android phone users. Being on the root level means to grant permission access to several phone features that were once unaccessible during factory delivery. You will be able to perform system level modifications and higher degree of third-party applications because of the SuperUser access. Although the description is quite inticing to some especially the SuperUser capability, but the actual procedure to root an Android device is sometimes a headache for most newbies or who are not technically inclined to DIY. Kingo Android Root software resolves all these problems by providing a one-click easy to implement procedure and all you need is 3-5 minutes then you are Rooted! The best about Kingo Android Root is also reversible because it keeps a recovery system and takes a snapshot of your previous system and then returns it back in case you do not want to be a Root user anymore.Basics of Android Root After using Kingo Android Root software, you are now a root SuperUser (SU) of your mobile device. This means that you no longer have system limitations over your mobile phone and you can freely change your settings, your system applications, run special third-party apps and most of all change your system operating system into a custom one! Kingo Android Root removes all the headaches to follow a tedious step-by-step too technical guides that most sites offer. This simple software application is a 5-step process and you done.