In all Android phones rooting is very important for making any kind of changes in your Android phone OS level. Root enable or give right to any Android phone user to get full access on whole android OS or phone. Android rooted phone user make necessary changes according to his requirement. Root user mean as like window Administrator user. You can not make any change without Root right. 

                         Root give facility to  remove bloatware of manufactures of Android phone, to increase internal storage capacity, make more RAM free, install custom ROM, settings and Apps.
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                                       ► ASUS
                                       ► SAMSUNG
                                       ► KARBONN
                                       ► MICROMAX
                                       ► HTC
                                       ► SONY
                                       ► GIONEE
                                       ► LG
                                       CHINESE MOBILES

If your mobile phone not in the list you may use a universal rooting method that means root your mobile phone with universal root tools like vroot,kingo root,cydia impactor,root genius.

                                       CYDIA IMPACTOR
                                       ►KINGO ROOT
                                       ►V ROOT
                                       ►ROOT GENIUS