Things to know before Flashing a ROM in your Android

                             Most of the Android users for their devices so that they can get rid of the old and monotonous and the slow stock ROMs,  full of bloat ware.  And install a custom ROM in their devices. But there are many things that you might need to know and do before you flash a ROM on your Android device. This is a small post which would’ve help you do that.

Get Root Access :
                     Well this is pretty obvious, you first need to get the root access. You need to root your Android device in order to be able to flash a custom ROM. Now there are many tried pay apps it there in the play store that withdrawal help you to get the root access within a few clicks. Some of the apps are Framaroot, Towelroot, Chainfire etc. But if luck doesn’t, help you can always root your device by the traditional method. For the same reason we are here for you. You could simply type in the model name of your device in the search box above, and the tutorials related to your device would show up. In case they don’t, please do take time mention your device in the “Request your Device” section.

Flash a Custom Recovery 
                    First of all you need to know what recovery is. A recovery is a mode which is put in every Android device so that you can perform several system oriented tasks, but often the recovery put in by the manufacturer of your device is very basic. It does not allow you to perform some advanced level tasks, including the option to install custom ROMs. So you would need to install a custom recovery on your device first. Namely they are, CWM and TWRP recoveries. Also make sure whether the recovery you are installing is compatible with the ROM you are to flash, or you will end up on a bootloop or a soft brick.

Backup Everything :
                   When you flash a custom ROM, you need to completely wipe the data on the device. So either way your should first make up a back up of all the important data on the device, like your apps, contacts, messages, photos etc. There are many ways to backup the data. Also apart from the data backup you should backup the complete phone, using the edict itself. In case the ROM does not boot up, you could flash that backup and your device would be restored just like before. There are many ways in which you can do so, below are some of our guides on backing up data.

Backup Apps for Unrooted Phone
Backup and Restore SMS
Backup and restore Contacts
Backup Apps, Contacts, and Data using Titanium Backup

Find A Good ROM:
                     Unless you are on a geek, and change ROMs just for fun, play with them and just change it again. Then no need. Or if you rarely change your ROM. Then first of all you should make sure that the ROM is completely stable and has no bugs. Or else you would have to change it again. You could find it by reading the developer comments, with the ROM. You can find a number of stable and good roms, no matter what device you own.

Also while analyzing the ROM, you must also take care of the Kernel you are using. If you are using a Stock Kernel, make sure whether the ROM is compatible with the stock Kernel. Or in the case of a custom Kernel, you again have to make sure that the device would work with the custom ROM and the Custom Kernel. Of you do not do so, you might brick your device. Although you could recover from it, using the Download or the Fastboot mode, but still as it is said that prevention is better than cure. So this was a short post, and a list of things that you need to keep in mind, before you flash a custom ROM on your device.