Useful SDKs by Startapp Offers Android App Developers to Earn Money from free Apps

                                 Loading a website is like hell damn difficult when on a remote device like Mobile Phone, Tablets or any android operating device. Either we need to use browsers who compress content and deliver low quality. Here is where the scenario of Free Apps come in. The era of browsing the internet on Browser is gone and here we are with the App-world, where we get app for any thing and everything.

To believe me just search for an App on Google Play, “is my android switched ON?”, and then you will know where the platform of app marketing has reached. So he Point is Everyone is making applications for android and also for rooted androids but has any developer got anything rather than a penny donated by a Newton Head. So here is an Opportunity for all web developers who can Earn form their Apps when placed free on Google Play

                      Mobile apps are a preferred option over the other options like mobile websites or flash content, due to the many advantages offered by them. There are a number of apps available in the market for mobile users to choose from, most of which are available free of cost and supported by ads. This availability of a large number of free apps has raised a concern among app developers regarding alternatives to earn money through ads. Startapp is a solution provider that offers few effective options related to app monetization, which are preferred by many app developers to make the most out of their free apps.

                    This company offers a number of SDKs that are attached to an app, before launching it in the market and the developer starts earning money as soon as users start downloading the app. Due to their high quality service and efficient performance of the app, the toll of the downloads of their SDKs has crossed the 1 billion mark.

What is an SDK ?
                 This is quite very obvious term for a developer but for every le man out there i will love to explain what an Android SDK for App development is. A software development kit is typically a set of software development tools that allows for the creation of applications for a certain software package, software framework, hardware platform, computer system, video game console, operating system, or similar development platform. so it helps us lot to make applications on an OS but if we are talking about android so but Obvious it will help us to make Apps on Android very easily.

Different SDKs Offered by the Company
                  This service provider offers a total of three SDKs, to be used by an Android app developer to make some money out of his/her free app. All the SDKs offered by this company are discussed below in detail.

Post Call Manager:
                As the name indicates, this SDK offers a number of functionalities for post-call use. The users of an app having this SDK attached get an easy-to-access shortcut that allows them to perform several tasks like back call, send email/SMS, calendar events or web search using the company’s mobile search engine.

In-App SDK:
               This SDK is used with an in the app functionality, where different ads are displayed to the user, while accessing the app. The developer is provided with three different options for ads to be displayed to the user including banner ads, interstitial ads and exit ads. The ext ads are full-page ads displayed to the user, when he/she closes the app, where the App Wall is one of its features and provides striking 3D design ads. Other full-page ads available are the interstitial ads, which are displayed within the functioning of the app according the choice of the Android app developer. Banner ads are also available with the 3D design, which are meant to take over the conventional mobile ads.

Search Box SDK:
             This SDK is available to offer an ease-of-access to the search related tasks for all the app users having this SDK attached. There is a slider provided within the app that allows users to switch to the search engine quickly and easily, from within the app. Also, the default home page of the browser of a user’s mobile is set to the search site by the company, which is considered to be the largest search engine for mobile devices, which can be easily reversed.
The In-App SDK from Startapp is available with the revenue share payment model, while the other two are available with the pay-per-download model. Thus, an app developer can make the most out of his/her free app by using any of the useful SDKs available, either individually or in any unique combination.