How to Backup SMS , Contacts and Apps using Titanium Backup

                     Titanium backup is a master app to backup all the possible data on your phone, it is a pro solution and an ultimate app for creating backups for messages, Apps, Contacts etc. And there is no such app on the Play Store that matches the epicness of this Titanium Backup app. But so as to use this app you need the root access to your phone. In other words your phone must be rooted. So you can use this app for saving your data and then restoring it in cases when you change you ROM, as you might know while changing ROM you need to the wipe the data and cache on the phone which obviously erases all the data on the phone. So let’s learn how to use this killer Backup App for your better.

Backup and Restore Apps using Titanium Backup App:
                   First we will learn that how could you use the Titanium Backup app to backup and then restore your installed apps on the phone.

Install the App:
                 So as to use this app you need to first install it on your phone. So head on to Play Store and install it like you do for any other app. Now as you install and run the app, it will prompt for Super User Access, grant it. Now some of the features will be marked as Red, that is they are not available for  free version of the app. ( This app also has a premium version) So as this app performs a hell lot of functions you must be completely sure before tapping on any option, as this could lead you to a trouble, so confirm before you choose.

Backup Apps :
So by now the app might be installed on your phone, and it has been granted Super User Access as well. So let’s start making backup.

On the Main screen, tap on the corner option named as “Backup/Restore”.

Now there will be a list of many backup options, with a “Run” button in front of each of them so as to initiate it right away.

Now to create your first backup, tap the “Run” option in front of the option “Backup All User Apps”.

Now select the apps you would like to backup, and then tap on the green button on the top corner of the screen to proceed further.

Now with this the app will start making a backup and it will save it on your memory card, in a sifferent folder named after Titanium itself.

And as soon as the process is finished you will be notified about it.

Quick Tip:
              Also there is a cool option, like when you install a new app after making a backup, now to include that newly installed app in the backup you need not to make a new backup again, infact you can just update the old existing backup, hence reducing time and effort. Under Backup section run the batch process, to redo the old backups in order to overwrite old existing backups.

Restoring Apps:
             Now that you have backed up apps you wanted to, you also must be bale to restore them again onto your phone when in need. But note that before restoring apps, you need to allow installation of apps from third party on your Android Phone. So having done that, tap on any backup you made, and the app will simply restore the apps you backed up. So then you also note on the free version you need to resotre each app you backed up one by one. And by this you can backup apps using titanium backup.So this is how you backup and restore apps on your Android phone using Titanium Backup.

Backup Contacts and SMS :
            Now so as to backup all the system data of your Android phone like backing up SMS, contacts, Wifi Data like access points, call logs etc is very easy on the Titanium Backup app.

Open the app, and click on the menu button to open Titanium Backup menu and then select “Backup data to XML”.

Now select the type of system data you want to restore like SMS, Contacts, WiFi data etc. Select what you want and proceed.

After the finishing of process, the app will ask you what t do with the backup file. Save the backup file which will be in “.xml” format to your memory card.

And that’s all you’re done.

Now to restore the system data, open the app again.

Open Menu and select Restore data from XML.

It will ask you the type of data you want to restore. Then open the file manager of phone to select the file you want to backup.

The app will restore all the data.

So this was a post on how to use titanium backup and restore apps, sms, contacts etc. Also note that if you have rooted your phone, then Titanium backup is the best option you could go with, as it does the process of backing up and restoring as fast as any app. But if you are a normal user, and haven’t rooted your phone, do not loose your heart, have a look at these resources.