How to Root Gionee E7 (elife)

                                Here is a tutorial to root a gionee mobile Looking for root Gionee that you have purchased recently? We are going to see just that however let me go back in time when we had an era of Chinese phones in  market. I hope, you remembered those china mobiles dominated by the 5 speakers (Though, it was producing harsh sound), 4 SIM Slots, 2 batteries, and much more – which we surely can’t expect from any manufacturer nowadays. Surprisingly, the users also had a penchant for those mobiles, but those days are gone far. Well, the current trend shows the market of fully-featured Smartphones with an elegant design. So, keeping the new definition in mind, once again, we have a new Chinese mobile maker who has launched many Smartphones running on Android in an  market.

              “Rooting” your device means obtaining “superuser” rights and permissions to your Android’s software. With these elevated user privileges, you gain the ability to load custom software (ROM’s), install custom themes, increase performance, increase battery life, and the ability to installsoftware that would otherwise cost extra money (ex: WiFi tethering). Rooting is essentially “hacking” yourAndroid device. In the iPhone world, this would be the equivalent to “Jailbreaking” your phone. and the most advantage of rooting is the increase the ram of the android mobile , increse the internal memory of the android mobile and also able to install the custom roms and different new version can install into the android device. some android games are high version is not support for some device by the rooting you can play all games by reduce the the graphics of the game by chainfire3D and install additional feautres to the android mobile

Prerequisites to root Gionee
Ensure that you have charged your device sufficiently up to 70%.

Enable USB Debugging on your device.

Make sure you have taken a backup of all your important data.

Download VROOT

           Before proceeding, you must know that following this procedure may render your phone inoperable (bricked state). This happens in very rarely. The forum will not be responsible for any damage caused to your device.

                     Root Checker

How To Root Gionee Mobile:

Step 1: Enable USB Debugging on your Android Smartphone. To enable USB debugging, Open Settings > Developers Option > USB Debugging > Tick

Step 2Download and install vRoot Application on your Windows Computer
Step 3: Once vRoot Application is installed on your Computer, and install usb driver and Open vroot.

Step 4: Once vRoot Application is launched, connect your Android device to the computer

Step 5: Once Your Smartphone is connected successfully to the computer, vRoot will automatically detect your Smartphone.

Step 6: Now, Click on the “Root” button to begin the rooting process.

Step 7: Now, vRoot will automatically “Reboot” your Smartphone and install the SuperSU Application

Step 8: Now your Android Device is Rooted. To check whether your phone is rooted correctly, open Applications Menu, there you will be able to see a new app installed, called SuperSU. If this app exist then it means you have successfully rooted your device.

Optional: You can also verify that your device is successfully rooted or not by Root Checker Application.

How To Unroot Gionee:

Step 1: Open the super user application in your android mobile

Step 2: And click the arrow mark in the top of the superuser application

Step 3: Choose the option unroot and your device is unrooted . unrooting the android device is very simple process

                 Gionee (Gionee Communication Equipment Co. Ltd., is a manufacturer of mobile phones based in Shenzhen, China. The company was founded in 2002.It is one of China’s largest mobile phone manufacturers. According to Gartner, its market share in China was 4.7% in 2003, and it has moved into other markets, such as India, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Nigeria.Gionee Communication has two processing plants,in China including Dongguan Jinming Electronics and Dongguan Jinzhong Electronics, with a total investment of more than RMB 80 million, an area of factory building of more than 20,000 square meters and the number of staff beyond 1000 persons. After 2010, Gionee started focusing on slimmer smartphone designs and by 2014, Gionee held the title of slimmest smartphone with the company's Gionee Elife S5.5 whose body has just 5.5mm thickness.Gionee launched an even thinner smartphone Gionee Elife S5.1 with only 5.15mm thickness